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Wendy Krabbe 


What I do


Goodbye clutter and chaos, hello clarity and peace of mind


Esthetic desisions to complement practical needs


Holistic approach that creates a home that nutures. 


A little about me

My Story

I was born in the east, spent my formative years in the middle and became an adult in the west. My parents are adventurous creative problem solvers of the highest order. I get that from them. I studied art and design in college. My first real job offered unbridled creative freedom, that's where I honed my skills and interests and grew my knowledge of lighting, placement, color, fashion and design. Best job I ever had until now. I returned to the east in 2004, ready to apply my skills and knowledge to the perfect environment, a city where most homes are small and storage is smaller.

Key dates and places 1964 North Adams MA, 1972 Ann Arbor MI, 1979 Salt Lake City UT, 2000 Ann Arbor MI, 2004 New York City NY.

My Mission

I love the challenges that come with living in small spaces, I am always looking for the perfect blend of form and function. Home should be a place of comfort, inspiration and pride. By listening and observing, my goal is to help my clients achieve a home they can be proud of, that works for them and their lifestyle. It's a very personal process, each client is different so I guide them through systematically and supportively. Whether they need just organizing, just design or help with a large project my mission is the same. No project is too big or too small, I am there to ensure it's goes smoothly and stress free. 

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